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Angry Farmers


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Roles: Game Designer, 


Project Timeline:

36 Hours

Team Size:

5 People


A four-player competitive physics-based party game where you play as an angry farmer and try to grow as many crops as you can. The farmers are fighting for the most fertile land around. Sabotage other farmers by chopping down their crops. To maximize efficiency, farmers spin around in an angry craze to plant seeds and cut opponent crops as quick as possible.

  • Team leadership

  • Game design and idea development

  • Scripted a game loop system to allow quick iteration

  • UI Implementation

  • Make a game for the theme "dynamic"

  • Easy to pick up multiplayer game

  • Make use of dual-purpose design

  • Create dynamic gameplay and player interactions

Dual Purpose Design

Our goal was to create an easy to pick up couch game so we needed to keep the controls simple. But we had 2 different main mechanics so we decided to utilize dual purpose design.

Angry Farmers Spining.png

In every stage of the game, the controls are the same but the on-screen actions are different. You might think this goes against conventions but since the game only utilizes these 2 controls it actually becomes natural.

Spin to plant crops

Spin to cut crops

Scripting Game Loop for Quick Iteration

I knew it was a game that was going to need a lot of tweaking before it was fun. So I created dynamic systems to make life easy.


It Basically works like a Finite State Machine but it is built in a way where you make a list of the game modes you want to go through and the game does the rest. It makes it very easy to iterate and quickly balance the game.

G.I Jam.png

We won 2 awards!
Most Fun for The Most People and Most Polished

Getting ready to showcase at multiple events

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