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Planet Hamster


Roles: Game Designer, Artist,


Project Timeline:

2 Weeks

Team Size:

4 People


An idle clicker game where you create an empire of hamsters to make as much money as possible.


- Game design and idea development.

- Visual design and creation (Concepts, Lighting, Materials, Particles, Animations, Scene Creation).

- Scripted custom animation system (infinitely scale-able and easy to use).

- Created player controller and camera.

- Scripted a custom Unity inspector for particle editing.

- Scripted seamless level transitions.

Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Level 2
Level 4
Level 3

This game was created around the concept of life and the obstacles that come with it. The player begins as a ball of energy in the form of light. This bundle of energy represents the beginning of your existence. As the player moves through the levels, they are forced to make decisions and overcome obstacles. Once the player determines the solution, in order to complete the level, they must donate some of their energy to the circuit. With each donation of energy, the player’s bundle of light gets dimmer. Once the final level is completed, the remaining amount of light will be taken away, thus representing death. At the end of the game, the camera will zoom out and show the player their path, then zoom out once more and show the paths of other players to represent the fact that we are all born and we will all die, yet the path we take in between has infinite possibilities.


Early Stage of Level 1

Early Stage of Level 1

Testing compositions and different lighting setups to achieve a feeling of mystery, loneliness and a bit of confusion in the player.

Early Stage of Level 2

Early Stage of Level 2

Earlier in development the main light was white it looked cool but it didn't represent the state of completion of the puzzle. To solve this concern I decided to make the lights red and when you complete the puzzle the lights shift to blue.

Custom Unity Inspector

Custom Unity Inspector

I created this inspector window to easily be able to control and adjust the 2 different particle systems used to represent the completion of a circuit.

Design Principles & Goals

- Create a sense of mystery and wonder.

- Visuals and audio compliment the gameplay.

- Create Immersion, diagetic UI.

- Easy to pick up and play.

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