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Project Timeline:

1 Week

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I'm alone 😢


Over the summer I was approached to create a small VR quarterback experience for the start of the BC Lions season.

  • Immersive football player experience

  • Natural controls

  • Easy to pick up and play

Throwing a Football in VR

Initially, I noticed users had trouble throwing the ball really hard and straight. People were constantly letting go of the ball late.  Due to this, the ball would end up traveling towards the ground. People felt this behavior was weird and that the game was at fault.

I scavenged through my code trying to figure out if it was a technical problem, but everything was fine. I then started thinking about what happens in real life when you throw a ball. I picked up a ball and threw it around a few times. I quickly realized that when you throw a football really hard in real life, you don't fully let go of the ball. The ball basically just slides out of your hand. This is caused by the weight of the ball and the inertia that makes it fly out of your hand at the peak.

Solution #1

Solution #2


The client, unfortunately, decided not to continue this project 😢


But I had an amazing time creating this prototype!

Exploring new areas and solving interesting problems.

Toronto, ON, Canada

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